Here at VenomouX, your privacy is our top priority. On this page, you will find detailed information about how the apps on VenomouX’s play store account collects, stores, and/or uses the information fetched by them. If your privacy concerns are not addressed below, please send an email to or


Email: Users are asked to select an Email address when the app starts. Your email addresses are safe with us. We do not sell or share your email with third parties yet. Though, we may send emails regarding your account activities, app promotions and or other relevant news. But no such campaign has been started by us yet.

Phone, MAC, Secure android_id: The phone number, along with MAC address and android_id are fetched to uniquely identify your mobile device. Phone number is asked from the user to input while the Mac and android_id are fetched by the app automatically. These will be in case you want to opt out of seeing ads in the app by paying an estimated fixed fee. We do not sell or share any of these three parameters with any third parties and they are fully safe with us.


VenomouX holds the right to change and/or otherwise adjust the privacy policy terms and conditions without any notice. A date is located at the bottom right corner of this documents which shows the date of last modification to this file. You may check this date periodically.

Last Modified:

05 February 2017